Matthiasson Vineyards Very Small Production Wines! – 2015 Lone Pine Lagrein & 2015 Napa Valley Refosco – Only 12 Bottles of Each

Matthiasson Vineyards
Winemaking for Matthiasson is a natural extension of farming, and most of their grapes come from the seven vineyards that they farm in Napa and Sonoma. They love to explore classical expressions of different varieties, some well-known like Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon, and some rare like Ribolla Gialla or Refosco Dal Peduncula Rosso.
In all cases they try to respect the purity of the variety and the individuality of the site. Their wines are refreshing, complement food, and are moderate in alcohol. By using their site-specific farming methods to grow intense fruit, coupled with careful restraint in the cellar, they strive to produce wine that is full flavored but impeccably balanced.
2015 Matthiasson Vineyards El Dorado
Lone Pine VIneyard Lagrein
El Dorado County, California
Those who know Matthiasson know that they are fascinated by Northern Italian grape varieties. When a wine club member who also happens to be a vineyard manager told them about a Lagrein vineyard that he helped plant in the Sierra Foothills, they jumped at the chance to make wine from this relative of Syrah, Teroldago, and Refosco.
The Lone Pine Vineyard is at over two thousand feet of elevation on sandy granite soils El Dorado County, California’s gold country in the foothills of the Sierras. Charlie Cosens, the owner, shares our love of Northern Italian grape varieties and planted this Lagrein as a labor of love (no one gets rich growing Lagrein in California).
Winemaker Notes: This Lagrein wine turned out minty, mineral, and with subtle blue fruits. We were surprised by the huge structure of the wine, our most tannic of the vintage by far. They are beautiful soft tannins though, and the low alcohol means that the wine is very fresh and clean, despite its powerful structure. It is begging for food fresh off the grill!
2015 Matthiasson Vineyards 
Napa Valley Refosco dal Penduncula Rosso
Refosco (dal Penduncula Rosso) originates in the Friuli region of Italy and Slovenia. While most Refosco in the U.S. is misnamed, and is actually Mondeuse noire, true Refosco dal Penduncula Rosso budwood was imported from Italy and officially released in the late 90s. Matthiasson has one of the only plantings in California. An ancient grape, Refosco was first mentioned in print in 1409 at a banquet for Pope Gregory XII. It is distantly related to Syrah and Pinot noir.
Winemaker Notes: Our Refosco has a huge and captivating nose of white pepper, almonds, tropical fruit, and smashed berries. The flavors continue with marzipan, berries, and a distinctive iron-y and stony minerality. The tannins and concentration are very strong, but the moderate alcohol and balanced acidity keeps the palate lively and clean. 
Only 12 Bottles Of Each Wine Available!
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