2009 Bordeaux!!

Time to check your wine storage because 2009 Bordeaux is THE vintage to own!  From classified growths to petits chateaux we have wines to fit any budget.

In my opinion, Sherlock’s in Atlanta has one of the best selections of top Bordeaux in America. With a great selection of Grands Crus and many vintages of each. Chateau Palmer is especially well represented.


Jean-Loius Carbonnier/Chateau Palmer


“The one thing about these wines that I love is that the window of drinkability will be enormous. Just like in 1990 or 1982, the low acidity, the very ripe fruit, the high glycerin levels from the elevated alcohols, and the stunning concentration and fruit from low yields will give most of these wines incredible appeal in their youth, but at the same time will guarantee that the top wines last for 30 or more years, as the best 1982s have certainly done. I do want to reiterate that for as big, rich, and as high in alcohol as the 2009s are, they are remarkably pure, well-delineated and surprisingly fresh and vibrant – a paradox, but a wonderful one at that.”

Robert Parker/Wine Advocate #199 2/29/12

Provenance (ˈprä-vəˌnän(t)s): from the French provenir, “to come from”, means the origin, or the source, of something, or the history of the ownership or location of an object.

Global demand and rising prices for older and collectible wines have created a virtual mine field for all wine lovers. A black market full of 3 liter bottles from the famous 1947 Bordeaux vintage for sale to anyone who has the cash. The problem is that most of these wines were never bottled in 3 liters. The infamous Thomas Jefferson wines still have never had their provenance verified and there is still litigation in play concerning these bottles.

Origin of the wine is one part of provenance. The other part is history of ownership. Who has owned the wine since it has left the producer? How was it shipped to the local market? Where was it stored along its way here? How was it stored prior to delivery to the local merchant? How does the merchant store and care for the wine while in his possession?

A lot of questions with one simple answer: Know who you buy your wine from and where they source their inventory. This is where we come in the picture. Sherlock’s Wine Merchant has developed close relationships with producers, negociants, brokers and wholesalers for over 20 years. These special relationships help us ensure the provenance of every bottle of wine we sell. We buy wines that have never left the primary channel of distribution. The bottom line: We know where our wines have been every step along the way to our stores.

2009 Blason d’Issan $44.99 (RP90)

2009 Cantemerle $42.99 (RP91+)

2009 Carbonnieuix Rouge $49.99 (RP91)

2009 Clerc Milon $89.99 (RP92)

2009 Clos Fourtet $249.99 (RP100)

2009 Myrat $49.99 (RP91-93)

2009 D’Issan $89.99 (RP93)

2009 Ducru Beaucaillou $399.99 (RP100)

2009 Durfort Vivens $69.99 (RP 89)

2009 Larrivaux $24.99 (RP 87)

2009 Leoville Poyferre $299.99 (RP100)

2009 Pagodes de Cos $79.99 (RP94)

2009 Lynch Bages $199.99 (RP98)

2009 Chateau de Lescours $24.99 not reviewed

2009 Marjosse Rouge $19.99 (RP87)

2009 Pontet Canet $249.99 (RP100)

2009 Potensac $39.99 (RP89)

2009 Poujeaux $42.99 (RP90)

2009 Troplong Mondot $199.99 (RP99+)

Large Formats & Half Bottles

2009 Guiraud 375ml $49.99 (RP93)

2009 Poujeaux 375ml $25.99 (RP90)

2009 Lalande Borie  3L$199.99 Not Reviewed

2009 poujeaux 1.5L $109.99 (RP90)

2009 Marjosse Rouge $42.99 (RP87)