2005, 2006 & 2007 Castello Delle Regine Selezione del Fondatore Sangiovese – All Vintages $39.99* – 10% Off Mix & Match 6pk 15% Off A Case


Castello Delle Regine
The property covers 400 hectares around the mansion called Castelluccio Amerino overlooking the valley described in the centuries as the “Valley of the Queens”, located between the towns of Narni and Amelia – beautiful villages of ancient Etruscan, Roman and medieval times. The building was part of a line of fortifications built in strategic locations to control the Umbrian valleys, used since ancient times to reach Rome from the north.
Since 1500 the possessions and land were the fief of various noble families of the place, and suffered the ups and downs of changes, until the current owner decided to reconstitute and expand the company, restoring the ancient vocation to the culture of vineyards and olive and aiming to get the highest quality productions in complete harmony. Philosophy is “the best wine from the best land”, ensuring that during every step, from grape growing to winemaking, natural techniques are used. The harvesting is done by hand.
2005, 2006, 2007 Selezione del Fondatore
From the historic vineyards of Sangiovese Grosso handed down and cultivated in the farm,they select the best bunches that give life to a limited production of bottles. After a long maturation in barriques of allier, it is refined in bottle for at least three years.
Winemaker Notes: Ruby in color that evolves to garnet, offers sensations of blackberry, cherry with balsamic notes. In the mouth it is soft, persistent and of great balance. Its particular structure makes it capable of considerable evolution for a long time.
All Vintages $39.99*
10% Off Six $36.00/ $216.00
15% Off A Case $34.00/ $408.00
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