Fun Spanish Red!!

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2011 11 pinos Bobal!

The Bobal grape is a variety of Vitis Vinifera, native to the Manchuela and Utiel-Requena region in  Spain. The name derives from the Latin bovale, in reference to the shape of a bull’s head. The Vega Tolosa Winery has been producing exemplary Bobal for almost a century. Vega Tolosa´s family life has always been linked to wine. They originally produced wine to sell to visitors and neighbors, placing a pine branch over the door to signify wine was available. Thus 11 pinos (pines) was born.

“The 11 pinos is a pure expression of the Bobal grape with its wild cherry and wild raspberry notes, along with herbs such as chervil and tarragon, this wine is free of the overly ripe treatment that Bobal so often receives. The tannins are a bit dusty, but that too is Bobal’s proclivity, and if the wine lacks a bit of acidity, it makes up for it in tannin and spicy currant notes at the finish. Drink soon or in the next few years.” ~ Wines from Spain

“Partially oak-aged, concentrated yet elegant. Notes of wild mountain herbs, red fruit and minerals predominate. The finish is consistent and long, leaving a refreshing acidity in the mouth. Calls for a wide variety of grilled meats and vegetables.” ~ Winery Notes

$ 14.99 per bottle

10% discount on a case